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Farewell, Bosch

Bish, bash, Bosch to a USyd classic

On the first day of semester I wandered to my usual study spot, Bosch Commons only to find its lights off, door shut and a sign that read ‘Permanently Closed’. I quickly went onto the library website to try and find its opening hours and was sorely disappointed to discover nothing: no update, no answers. What I did notice was a new library had just opened less than 500 meters away: the new Susan Wakil Health Building Library. This was Bosch’s replacement, a new, lavish building that boasted ‘state-of-the-art technologies.’ My disappointment turned to hope — maybe a Bosch 2.0 was on the horizon. Maybe I could still study until 2am with a table full of bubble tea and muffin crumbs. I was gravely disappointed when I stepped into the Susan Wakil Library, not because it wasn’t fresher than Bosch, or that it wasn’t well equipped, but because it had absolutely none of the charm that Bosch once held. There’s far too much airflow in Susan Wakil, too much natural light and the carpet isn’t even slightly mouldy. I was also surprised to see much of the library is only open 10-5 and is not open on weekends, while Bosch boasted 24 hour service.

Sure, Bosch had its pitfalls. It was often unbearably cold and the constantly overflowing pile of used hand towels was mildly disgusting, but nevertheless I will miss it. It was a place where worlds collided, from college kids in their pajamas armed with just their laptop and charger, to Stucco residents like myself who spent many a late night in Bosch using their far superior internet to illegally download movies. Sometimes, you might even see an actual medical student. And when all three came together, it was truly spectacular. So farewell Bosch! You’ll live on forever in the heart of my first degree. 

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