USU Board candidates 2021: Ruiqi (Rachel) Jia

Honi's profile and interview with 2021 USU Board candidate Ruiqi (Rachel) Jia.

Slogan: Reach your goal!

Colour: Cyan

Quiz score: n/a

Faction: Penta

Ruiqi did not participate in an interview with us.

A member of Penta and a current SRC Residential Colleges Officer, Ruiqi (Rachel) Jia’s USU Profile provides only scant detail on her policies. Unspecified annual “training” for societies, “more online events,” and improving “the benefits and welfare” of international students form the basis of Jia’s policy platform, along with a strong focus on the “diversity and creativeness” of USU souvenirs. Given the widely-criticised introduction of USyd Monopoly last year, the importance of souvenirs to the student body is unclear. Other references to “improving” the USU, giving students an “impressive experience,” and being “responsible for the work” of the board are accompanied by little concrete plans beyond “holding events.”

We wish Jia could have elaborated her policies to us. According to her Profile, Jia will find the time to be a Board Director by putting “all the key dates into my calendar.” Sadly, Jia apparently did not put her Honi appointment into her calendar and was “too busy” to complete our interview and quiz.

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