USU Board candidates 2021: Yiman Jiang

Honi's profile and interview with 2021 USU Board candidate Yiman Jiang.

Slogan: Yiman’s love, immense love.

Colour: Orange

Quiz score: 26%

Faction: Independent (2020 Panda Councillor)

Yiman Jiang is a politically independent candidate whose policies are primarily concerned with revitalising campus culture in the wake of COVID-19. As an international student, she is acutely aware of the impact of the adversities of the past year on the student experience, and is also committed to contributing to and bolstering the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ discourse on campus.

Her stance on the current board is generally positive, as she believes that they have responded well to difficult circumstances brought about as a result of COVID-19. She also claims that there are no transparency issues afflicting the board at the moment. However, Jiang sees value in the board operating from surplus, as she believes that more money allows for greater opportunities to solve problems. 

Jiang’s personal experiences, primarily with clubs and societies, inform the substance of her campaign. Jiang advocates for the need to bring all events back to campus, and is also committed to more regularly advertising clubs and societies throughout the semester. In partnership with this position, she is committed to introducing more diverse events, as she finds that parties are often loud, dark, and not conducive to getting to know people. She is also a firm advocate for a student mentor campaign that would allow for greater networking opportunities and would encourage career and social growth in simultaneity. Despite a lack of previous campaign experience, and a somewhat unclear political position, Jiang maintains that her personal experiences with the USU are enough to make her a worthy board candidate.

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