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Unprecedented 5-way Honi race becomes precedented as 3 tickets withdraw

Not since 2016 have two substantively experienced tickets faced off.

Three of the five tickets in the race for the Honi Soit editorship have withdrawn since nominations for the Students’ Representative Council (SRC) elections closed on 25 August, leaving only CAKE for Honi and DRIP for Honi to battle it out in a regular head-to-head contest.

Two tickets withdrew within a day of the close of nominations: the mysterious Legacy for Honi ticket, the make-up of which remains unknown, and an unnamed solo candidate.

Honi understands that both chose to withdraw from the race due to having nominated for other positions in the SRC elections, in breach of regulations.

Another solo candidate, Aryaman Bedi, announced his withdrawal on Friday, shortly after being contacted by Honi regarding the elections.

The withdrawals leave CAKE and DRIP as the only two remaining in contention. Both consist entirely of current Honi reporters.

Although it is no longer the most crowded Honi race in recent memory, the 2021 election remains the first since 2016 in which two substantively experienced tickets have faced off.

Voting in the SRC elections runs from 21-23 September.