A short duology of poetry.


My naked skin touches countless rays

With eyes closed, hand on head

I sway aimlessly to a musical jungle

As orange heat blurs my view

The beat quickens, nobody else listens

While both arms reach for the clouds

Beads of sweat linger loud and proud

Abruptly the song ends, my eyes open 

To a ghost on the ground 

Copying my every move


It’s not a death sentence.

That’s what entered my head

As he said the dreaded words

My mind began to wander

Back to my lonesome bed

He tells me I must wait for a blot

A western one, whatever that meant

But it was a foregone conclusion

Denial, a pretence, a delusion

How could this happen?

Never been unsafe

Except that one time

My guard was down

I surrendered, I succumbed

So now this tale I must disclose

Immune to those ignorant who oppose

The mighty institute of many – undetectable

Yet armed with knowledge and passion aplenty.