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Sex & the City Rd, Week 1, Semester 2

Rude Girls Headquarters is back with some hot and juicy goss to spice up your winter shivers.

We’ve done this so many times. Welcome back. Take our money USyd and free us from this place already.

So-called ‘student activists’ have been on sabbatical after the Liberals’ election loss. And it seems they won’t be turning off their out-of-office email replies anytime soon, as factions struggle to find fresh feet ahead of the first in-person SRC election since 2019. 

Labor Right appears to be drawing from old blood, throwing their hopes behind current USyd SRC General Secretary Grace Lagan to return Labor Right from its political exile (it’s been 8 years since the student body elected a Labor Right President). After narrowly losing to Grassroots’ Lauren Lancaster by less than five per cent of the vote last year, the faction will have to look beyond the Libs if it is to attain electoral redemption. And apparently that place is SASS First & Second Year Camp, where the Society’s President Angelina Gu installed Lagan as one of the camp’s leaders, despite Lagan being the only leader that is not a current or former SASS executive.

The desperate pleas of faction-on-life-support Switch have been unenthusiastically answered by SRC Education Officer Lia Perkins, who was inspired/peer pressured into having a swing in what will likely be a three person race. The Libs however are looking to change out the guard, preselecting new talent Abby Morrison. Here’s hoping a Lia Lagan Libs Love Triangle will bring the spectacle of one can expect from an in-person contest.

As SRC elections heat up, the contest for the coveted role of Honi editor (the more entertaining election, in our humble opinion) looks a little barren. An anonymous lorikeet has informed Rude Girl of the students concocting a single likely ticket this year, including Misbah Ansari (Ethno-cultural Officer), Katarina Butler, Luke Cass, Christine Lai, Luke Mesterovic (Unity), Andy Park (Switch), Veronica Lenard and Grace Roodenrys. Rude Girl doesn’t have an axe to grind, and hopes the candidates win the character of a contested election. We do wonder if this ticket will add more than just a pinch of salt as it brews up a political vision for next year.

Perhaps Pulp is to blame for snatching up Drip, our very own election rivals, and producing such a mishmash of both seasoned reporters and campus Who’s. Rumour has it that some Drippers will wait to pounce on the Honi editorship next year…

If another ticket will manifest from the murk of electoral insanity, only preselection can tell. We’re just sad to be deprived of last year’s feuding and bloodshed! With nominations open today, there is always time.