2022 SRC faction profile: Engineers

Honi's profile of SRC Council ticket brand, Engineers.

Art by Sam Randle.

Honi Soit approached Engineers for SRC, however, owing to the group’s commitments, they declined an appointment. 

Council tickets: Engineers for SRC, Engineers for First Years, Engineers for Mental Health

Over the past few years, USyd’s engineers have coalesced into a formidable coalition in campus politics, successfully electing its members to high-profile positions like current USU President Cole Scott-Curwood and SRC Vice President Emily Storey. Tackling perceptions that stupol prioritises Arts and Law students, the brand provides representation for Engineers and by proxy, the interests of STEM students. With a strong voter base in the Peter Nicol Russell (PNR) precinct, the Engineers could play kingmaker should numbers become tight.

Disclaimer: Zara Zadro was, until recently, a member of Switch. She was not involved in any of our election coverage.