LIVE: SRC Election 2022 Day 2

Honi keeps an eye of the second day of SRC polling.

You can check out our live exit polling here – it shows the cumulative total of our exit polling over the polling period:

Here is the day two exit polling data:

You can check out our live Tweets here.

You can read our profiles of the candidates here.

You can also read our live coverage of day one and our full recap of day one.

Photos by Thomas Sargeant.

5:15pm: Voting has closed for today.

4:25pm: Now that the voting booths at PNR and the Charles Perkins Centre have closed, campaigners’ attentions are focused at Fisher and JFR — the former location being hotly contested.

3:20pm: Here’s our data on the change in faction vote share from day one to day two. While retaining a solid absolute number of votes, Left Action has seen the largest decrease in their vote share, of 9 percentage points. Engineers was the biggest winner — unsurprisingly given the polling booth at PNR — with an increase in vote share of around 7 percentage points (at time of writing).

3:03pm: Lift and Amplify are the only factions campaigning at PNR, each with a lone campaigner on duty. PNR will close in just over 10 mins.

2:30pm: Campaigning shenanigans from throughout the day

1:30pm: Hearing reports of Liberals stooging the Left – including campus celebrity Cooper Gannon!

12:45pm: Spurred by reports of their inactions, we’re finally seeing some actual lifting. It is 10kg, we are told.

12:30pm: There aren’t many voters at CPC, but they’re basically all being captured by Colleges campaigners, who have been basically the only presence there for most of the day.

Also, the Engineers are displaying some remarkable innovation with this curious contraption spotted at PNR.

11:35am: It seems Gymbros’ gym equipment is largely for show – it’s been moved around a bit but has largely remained stationary.

The gym equipment in question.

Honi is also sad to report that multiple campaigners have attempted to campaign to us — our advice for certain factions (Grassroots, SLA) is that we definitely have heard about the SRC elections that are happening at the moment…

11:15am: Campaigners have been competing hard for voters over at Fisher; we’ve even heard them asking voters to step back over the line so they can keep campaigning.

Stand Up and Left Action spotted at the Fisher library exclusion line.

There’s much less campaigning happening at the Charles Perkins Centre booth, with Grassroots campaigners having abandoned the location.

Gymbros and Lift don’t seem to be hiding their political allegiances.

10:45am: Voting booths at PNR and Charles Perkins Centre are now open, and will close at 3:15pm today. Neither will be open tomorrow, meaning today’s campaigning will likely be pivotal for both Engineers and Colleges for SRC.

In the first two hours of exit polling today, Left Action has stayed firmly in the lead, followed by strong showings from Grassroots and Amplify.

The contestation of votes has continued across booths today, with voters combating campaigners from up to four factions at a time. Contesting votes continues to run the risk of voters simply giving up and choosing not to cast a ballot — potentially the goal for some factions.

9:55am: Student Left Alliance (SLA) and Lift have both arrived on the campaign trail, and the former grouping has already been spotted violating the exclusion zone rule.

We’ve spotted SLA and Stand Up contesting voters too – it’s a great morning for double walk-and-talks.

9:20am: The first few votes of the day have been cast, with the first wave of students heading to 9am classes arriving on campus (and being intercepted by campaigners.)

We’ve observed Left Action candidates already contesting votes – an impressively early start for inter-factional contestation!

8:50am: Voting opens

Voting is now open at the Jane Foss Russell (JFR) Building and Fisher Library.