LIVE: SRC Election 2022 Day 3

Honi keeps an eye on the third day of SRC polling.

You can check out our live exit polling here – it shows the cumulative total of our exit polling over the polling period:

Here’s a comparison between the daily exit poll totals for each faction (obviously day 3 is in progress!):

You can check out our live Tweets here.

You can read our profiles of the candidates here.

Photos by Thomas Sargeant.


Polls have closed at 5:15pm on the third and final day of the 2022 SRC and NUS Elections. Fisher and JFR were the final booths to shut, while the Con and Manning closed earlier this afternoon.

Honi recorded 1150 total exit polls over all three days of voting. Left Action amassed the largest quantity of votes according to these, with 19.4 per cent of the vote. This is followed by Grassroots, (16.2 per cent), Switch (11.2 per cent), Amplify (9.8 per cent), Student Left Alliance (9.1 per cent), and Engineers (6.5 per cent). A full graph of all candidates’ exit poll share is visible above.

The ballot count will likely commence on Friday, with the results set to be announced by about a week’s time.

Honi will post its Day 3 wrap up this evening. That’s all from us for now, thanks for following along!

5:10: An extreme density of potential voters are amassed outside fisher library in the last 5 mins of this year’s election!

You can also read our live coverage of day one and day two and our full recap of day one and day two.

4:48pm: After previously being warned, Left Action campaigner Peter Gu has been issued a ban from further campaigning. This ban is due to breaching the electoral regulation of campaigning in languages other than English.

3:53pm: Grassroots just overtook Left Action’s whopping total of 80 recorded exit poll votes yesterday. A strong on-the-ground campaigning push today, with more Groots campaigners out in numbers, may well be the cause. Left Acton remains in the lead by its total number of exit poll votes across all days.

3:30pm: The final vote has been cast at the Con, with the booth now closed.

3:21pm: The final vote has been cast at the Manning voting booth for this year’s SRC and NUS elections. The booth is now shut.

2:17pm: Over at the Con, Artistry appears to have hopped on the campaign trail “sporadically” (their words), after being mostly absent this morning. Paper badges pinned to shirts with authorisation in tiny print have replaced campaign shirts.

2:01: Multiple independents are campaigning without proper authorisation, after making their first appearances halfway through the final day of polling.

Independents for Change are campaigning in suits (yes really), while K. Philips of INTERPOL is wearing their USU campaign shirt.

1:56: JFR has been largely empty for most of the day, with around one vote every ten minutes earlier.

Campaigners are persevering across campus regardless, with walk-and-talks set to continue right until JFR and Fisher polls close at 5:15pm. Today is the final day of voting.

1:33: Student Left Alliance has received a warning for two non-students handling campaign materials, which is a breach of regulations. Honi has confirmed that the two individuals were caught handing flyers to an SLA campaigner.

12:33: Yet another regs breach has occurred today (drama!), with Switchroots receiving a formal warning for storing campaign materials in the SRC President’s office. Regulations stipulate that no SRC resources may be used for campaigning, including the offices themselves.

12:15: Michael Grenier’s (Independents) instagram ad claims Independents Inc. will “kick out racist, violent, and ableist dickheads” referring to certain Left factions on campus (most explicitly, Socialist Alternative). Posting defamatory campaign material is a potential breach of regs!

12:00: Left Action has received a Formal Warning for campaigning in Mandarin. In doing so, they violate the regulation: “A person must not campaign in a language other than English”. If the individual responsible receives two warnings, they receive a 3-hour voting ban. If it happens a third time, all brand members will receive a ban.

11:50: Honi has gotten wind that Left Action has been campaigning in Mandarin, which is a breach of campaigning regulations. If true and approved by the electoral officer, the allegations could result in a temporary ban on their campaigning during today.

SAlt have also allegedly been telling voters that voting is compulsory.

11:08: Student Left Alliance have returned from the UTS strike and are out at Fisher. We also spot some campaigners wearing the official Grassroots uniform: tree-core (green shirt, brown pants).

10:56am: Finally, some action at Fisher!

10:55: Honi is observing lots of Switch campaigners out and about on the Redfern side of campus, but very few actually walking people over the line. Potential voters are being friendly and taking a Switch How To Vote before walking away; Left Action have a similar number of campaigners on the trail, but it’s mostly their HTVs at the booth itself, suggesting SAlt are being more persistent in getting votes into the ballot box.

10:50: Switch (8) and Grassroots (14) have taken a considerable combined lead over Left Action in Day 3 voting, with 22 votes in total in today’s exit polling so far. Left Action still hold the overall majority of cumulative votes.

10:45: Lift on the scene with an orange corflute, but their lone campaigner is not wearing campaigning gear… where’s the election grind?

10:33: Voting has opened at the Conservatorium campus – without a single campaigner in sight! Honi would like to know where Artistry for SRC, who promised to present Con students, have gone… Sad!

10:10: Groots and Switch Campaigners have shown up at Fisher (at last)!

10:08: James Sherriff has announced that some Student Left Alliance campaigners will be heading to UTS for the staff strike action occurring today, and hopes to see other factions there.

9:45am: Some entertaining inter-factional bickering has broken out at the Fisher Booth between what appears to be Amplify, Left Action, and Stand Up campaigners.

The booth’s voting rate right now is 0.15 votes per minute.

9:17am: JFR is looking dead quiet right now, but quite a few SAlt members have been spotted on the Redfern Run, which receives major student foot traffic.

9:16am: The first vote has been cast at Fisher! (And we strongly suspect it was for Groots)

8:45am: Voting has opened at Fisher Library and Jane Foss Russell Building. Left Action campaigners have been spotted at the Fisher booth, perhaps hoping for a final push on their 2-day lead, which faltered a bit yesterday.

Despite Wednesday typically being the most foot traffic-heavy weekday on campus, a heavy shower of rain is expected for this afternoon. It is also currently extremely windy, so it’s unclear whether today will live up to expectations.