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Peach PRC: She’s like… Kinda Famous

Teary-eyed and euphoric several times during the show, it was definitely one of the more unforgettable concerts I have attended.

Photography by Ellie Robertson

From mocking fan’s boyfriends over facetime to a couple getting engaged on stage, Peach PRC’s show was the epitome of a manic dream experience. After launching her debut EP, Manic Dream Pixie, she took the Australian pop music scene by storm. With her hot pink look and her nostalgic Y2K sound, her fans are wrapped around her pixie wings. 

The first thing I noticed when I got to the standing area was how respectful the crowd was. The Metro Theatre is relatively small, but there weren’t people pushing or shoving. Everyone just stood and gossiped in excitement with each other while waiting for the acts to come on. It was an extremely diverse and inclusive audience; everyone was unapologetically themselves! The energy was palpable with pink and purple lighting leaving faces aglow.At the back of the stage, there was a set up with flowers, fairy lights, and vines. It portrayed an Alice in Wonderland atmosphere which was a contributor to the nostalgic, safe feeling that overcame me. 

Heleina Zara, an upcoming artist, captivated the crowd, blessing them with her music, about the anxieties of being a teenager. Her music was very high energy; my personal favourite was a song called ‘Convenience Store’. She evoked the relatable emotions of frustration, and hurt surrounding dating in a generation steeped in “hook up” culture. Lakota Vella, her guitarist, copped a huge amount of love from the audience when showing off her skills. Her love for performing shone through whilst she sang, danced and put her heart and soul into her guitar solos. At one point in her set, Zara sang a cover of ‘Heather’, originally performed by Conan Gray; a beautiful rendition of the 2020 hit that brought tears to everyone’s eyes, including her own. There was an abundance of waving flashlights in support of the artist, bringing everyone together in a bright sea of illumination. 

Dancing on to the performance of the pop princess and queer icon, Peach PRC. She gave an emotive, humorous, and intimate show that engaged the fans in a way that almost felt surreal. Peach was engaged with the audience — she talked to fans throughout the show, read signs, laughed with people’s friends on facetime and collected signs to autograph after the show. Peach and her guitarist, Chloe Dadd, had an intense chemistry that did not slide past the crowd. The audience were screaming for Dadd through her solos and electric dance moves, with some screaming “Chloe’s so hot”. The pair were truly born performers and kept the audience hooked with their charm.

At one point, Peach PRC decided to dedicate a song to one of her fans who went to her VIP viewing before the show had begun. It was her song ‘Dear Inner Child’, a heart-touching song that details the struggles of having childhood trauma and the journey of growing up to learn your worth. She sang to the fan directly as everyone held up their flashlights. It was a truly emotional experience for everyone at the venue.

You could see that Peach has an intense care for her fans. Halfway through the set, she spotted a girl in the crowd needing medical help, making sure she was okay, if she needed water, eventually being lifted out of the crowd by security. Everybody surrounding the girl was supportive and helped her out, which was a brilliant display of the community Peach has built. 

“This one’s for me guys. I usually tell people to look up the lyrics on Genius but I’m just gonna vibe up here!” Peach humorously exclaimed before singing one of lesser known songs.

Teary eyed and euphoric at several times of the show, it was definitely one of the more unforgettable concerts I have attended. However, one extremely memorable moment was where Peach allowed two of her fans on stage to give her a hug and chat. Soon after the fans got on stage, one of them got down on one knee… and the other said YES! The crowd was so pleased for them and were cheering them on while they had a life changing moment. Once they were escorted off stage with the crowd still cheering, Peach finished her set with one of her most popular songs, ‘God is a Freak’. The 2022 single that went viral over social media led Peach to come out as lesbian on TikTok, leading this song to become a comfort for many people in the queer community. As a recently out bisexual woman, I felt ecstatic to have had such an exciting, heartwarming experience within the community that I now inherently feel a part of. A big thanks to Peach PRC for creating such an amazing environment for me to just be myself.

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