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Top 10 Hottest Lesbians in the L-word

Whether you watched the L-word as an awakening into queer culture, or because you openly had a crush on Shane, the show has defined a decade of queer heartthrobs and style.

FYI: Major spoiler alerts (although the show has aired for 15 years so?) 

There hasn’t been a TV show able to communicate the messy, intricate network of lesbian life quite like the L-word. Although the first season aired in 2004, themes including unrequited love, gender-transitions and unfiltered homophobia were ahead of its time, showcasing the common queer experiences from a distinctly American lesbian perspective. 

Whether you watched the L-word as an awakening into queer culture, or because you openly had a crush on Shane, the show has defined a decade of queer heartthrobs and style. The most asked question about the L-word, was the character we found most attractive, and who we resembled the most. I feel somewhat separate from most queer people however, because I didn’t find Shane that attractive as a lover (I will say she was a good friend though!) Perhaps I saw through her bad-boy persona and got bored of her ‘emotionally-unavailableness’ trope, or perhaps I simply just didn’t like her hair style. 

So, to redeem myself from the Shane-die-hard-fans from their disgust of not loving her or wanting to be her (ah yes, the classic lesbian dilemma), I have compiled a list of who I think is the most attractive in the show. I think it is time to appreciate more women in the show. 

10. Catherine Rothberg.

I feel like this one speaks for itself. Helena Peabody’s gambling era was definitely a little bit random, but I was here for the drama. I think they were a couple that were good on camera, but I would never want to be poker partners with someone as irrational as her – but I was hooked for a couple of episodes. 

9. Carmen De La Pica

I think she had the best style on the set by far, and the fact that she was a DJ like sold me. I really didn’t understand the Jenny x Carmen plot though, I feel like they were not compatible at all. I feel like if Carmen was the central character over Jenny, the group would have went through a lot less drama in the earlier seasons.  

8. Dana Fairbanks

SHE DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE. THIS IS SO UNFAIR. WHY DIDN’T THEY KILL OFF JENNY. I loved how her character was not centred around ‘coming out’ but she had solid character progression including the conflict of being a queer tennis player, against her upper-class family.

7. The cellmate Helena Peabody gets with in that one episode 

I just can’t explain it. It’s a great scene. It’s probably the best chemistry in the show. 

6. Pippa Pascal

Pippa’s confidence is unmatched. I love that she does whatever she wants, and is completely unapologetic about it. I was a little confused when she gets with Sophie, I feel like Pippa would want someone more mature like Jodi, but I guess it was a short-lived thing?

5. Tasha Williams

I’m going to be honest. I was a little bit confused when Dana told Alice that Tasha was the one for her, because their relationship was a little dysfunctional in the later seasons before the reboot. I do think they could be good for each other, but I wish it was something we saw a little bit more in Generation Q. But oh well, maybe in the reboot of the original season? 

4. Helena Peabody

We need Helena and Peggy back. They had so much sass. I still don’t understand why she wasn’t in Generation Q, because I would have liked to see what she did with her mother’s inheritance (her wealth was an important part). Also the drama in Helena’s life was always so funny, she’s a little clueless. 

3. Lara Perkins

I like Lara, she’s sweet and she has such pure intentions (except with Alice after Dana died??? What was with that???). I liked the character, and wish she was part of the core cast, because I would have liked to dig a little bit deeper into her past as she felt surface level.  

2. Ivan Aycock

We were robbed when Ivan was only in the first season. When I think of the show, I think of Ivan singing ‘I’m Your Man’ by Leonard Cohen. Although there wasn’t much transgender representation at the time, I still think Kit could have had a better response in rejecting him. 

1. Bette Porter

I mean, is there anything else to say?