watch this space

god please/show me one dyke bar

sure most bars have fire exits

but they are no less dire

or straight

sure no two bars are alike

some bars do open mic

and others poetry nights

but they all have the same fate

and are in the most dire of straits

and surely this is the saddest one

bar none

oh where have all the dyke bars retire

where are the women in gay attire

where the dynamo livewire

and mitochondria that power

houses whole families not nuclear
and homes away from home entire

and queer

oh birdcage is our last safe time i fear

the bank safe as vaults from male desire

on wednesdays though nights events and parties

are not brick and mortar bars but pyres

of heaven locked out and down prior

shine on

junipero biconic and other

meetings shinier than gala apples
brighter than swarovski​​ crystals and more

glittery than disco balls mirroring

flashes of paid event photography but

dream big

bigger than liminal ritualised trances

or social dancing rites in transition

from sappho o clock to straight a m and

gay happy hours to last call for queer

beers woman wines vers vapes or switch cigs

aim high

higher than eventbrite tix big events

bright dj lighting bigger nights out or

even brighter dresses special makeup

occasion hairstyles and accessories

made for all tomorrows parties all next

weeks festivities all futures celebs

and all the worlds stages on dance floors lost

for ages but found bi monthly and off

happy hours to be missed waiting for our

next performance lined up and dress coded

come back

my dyke days gay nights and queer time

in a lack of safe spaces lez places

or homo homes where do dyke adjacent

women and nb folk go after hours

where are the l words before licensed

opening and sapphics after closing time

tell me

where are the femmes who inspire

me and the mascs whom i admire

where the fatales who plot conspire

and know how to change a tyre

or gear

and hold their wheel at ten and two steer
and drive a manual car or bike here

from lewisham wentworth point dulwich hill

clyde botany marrickville petersham

canterbury bankstown tuggerah rozelle

summer hill eastwood anywhere but near

they the ones who i aspire

to be

where does sappho play the lyre

where do girls play with fire

where do sirens sing in choir and

where do i inquire

god please

show me one dyke bar

not another dive bar

not another dine in bar

not another dime a dozen bar

not another dice roll or coin flip bar

not another dike to rock climb or another dike barrier

to hike

but a dyke bar not far and on par

with the best where a dyke walks into a bar
with a carabiner or the bell jar

and sees in the darkness a northern star

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