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Brave lonely male takes controversial stance of being sex-positive

I went into his bedroom to interview him and he won’t stop talking

After watching “more than a few” Laci Green Youtube videos and “just thinking about how women are treated” on Saturday afternoon, film studies major and ameteur blogger Richard Platt announced he has undertaken the contentious and possibly dangerous position of being a sex-positive feminist. “This is something I’ve felt for a while and only had the courage to come out about recently. But it’s my honest opinion. I think chicks should have sex more.” “This is a thing so many people have an issue with, but I’m coming forward as a person that supports women’s decision to have sex with dudes like me. All over the mainstream media, we see slut shaming and stuff, and as a result, women don’t want to have sex with me. It’s really sad actually.” When Platt was asked about his position on deconstructing and removing institutional demonstrations of patriarchy, or including women of color and trans women into the feminist movement, he replied “Yeah, definitely. All that stuff. For sure.” “Ultimately,” Platt concluded “feminism isn’t about what I think. It’s about women’s experiences and women’s choices. Their choices regarding their own reproductive system, their choices about going out how they feel like at night and their choices to have sex with whoever they like, preferably really interesting feminist dudes like me.”

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