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Births, Deaths & Marriages – Week 6, Semester 1

Only 14 sleeps to go. Shoot me.

NUS hide & seek

While it has to be said Honi Soit has a long and glorious history of irreverent commentary on student politics at the University of Sydney, it’s not often its reach extends further afield.

Sources tell Honi that at the latest executive meeting of the National Union of Students (NUS), during discussion around the location of the upcoming Education Conference, members of the executive expressed reticence to allow hosting rights to go to Sydney University for fear of Honi‘s critical coverage. NUS, beyond all its most glaring shortcomings, is a notoriously opaque organisation.

For one, it hasn’t updated executive meeting minutes on its website since July 6 last year. In the view of this humble student newspaper, public scrutiny certainly couldn’t hurt NUS. Sunlight, as is often said, is the best disinfectant.

Board shit(less)

The final list of contenders for a spot on the University of Sydney Union (USU) Board of Directors.

Almost half of the candidates are Independents or independents: Cameron Hawkins, Grace Franki, Koko Kong and Esther Shim.

Joining them, from various labor factions, are: James Gibson (Sydney Labor Students), Sam Kwon (National Labor Students) and Vanessa Song (Student Unity). The Grassroots candidate is Courtney Thompson. Finally, there is a single Liberal-affiliated candidate: Dom Bondar.

The nine candidates are battling it out for five spots, two of which must go to wom*n identifying students.

If you want the breakdown of the colour and slogan allocations, see Honi Soit online, or just wait to see them for on Eastern Avenue.

Board absentees

A notable absence is Socialist Alternative’s (SAlt) rumoured first Union Board candidate, Declan Maher. The circumstances of this absence are opaque at the time of printing. We are guessing that it was a joke, since he replied to our interview requests solely with Jim Carrey gifs.

David Hogan, Liberal SRC Councillor, sent us this statement to clarify the status of his campaign:

“Just to clear up the fact that I didn’t end up running for Board (since you and the Honi team may be confused given that I told you I was running on the weekend), I didn’t see my support delivering a victory and hence decided not to run. That being said, I will be backing Esther since she’s the candidate who after having a look at her policies matches what I was running for in the first place. I’m going to campaign with her over the election and will be asking my supporters to back her as well.”

Campaign conflicts

Three editors will be involved in Union Board campaigns: Victoria Zerbst, Tom Joyner and Subeta Vimalarajah.

All election coverage has and will be written by: Andrew Bell, Natalie Buckett, Max Hall, Sam Langford, Alexandros Tsathas, Mary Ward and Naaman Zhou. These editors will have no involvement in the election.