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BREAKING: Sheep Unite in Support of EDM

Katie Thorburn knows Miley Cyrus stole her album title from the sheep

Confusion swept government today due to an ambiguous creative sheep protest.

Sheep arranged themselves into the letters “B-A- N-G-A-S” in the Otway Basin in Victoria.

Government was left wondering whether the sheep were calling for better music: “BANG-AS” (Bangerz more commonly spelt) as a critique of ‘Lock Out Laws’, or to ban the ecologically devastating fracking practice: “BAN-GAS”.

Head Animal Negotiator (formal title: Agricultural Minister), Barnaby Joyce, was called in to interpret the sheep’s demands after his successful negotiations with Johnny Depp’s dogs.

The Nationals, however, decided to publically interpret the sheep as having spelt “bangas” in celebration of Justin Beiber’s revolutionary new album.

Spokessheep for the area-sheep were optimistic of their ability to ensure a permanent ban on fracking with the third most productive agricultural lands in the continent.

They plan to constructively take the critique of their not-definite space: “It’s similar to the “Let’s eat Grandma”/ “Let’s eat, Grandma” punctuation debacle.

“Grammar and formatting needs to be spot on so we don’t commit incestuous cannibalism, nor prioritise fighting Lock Out laws rather than for an ecologically viable future.”