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Troll Under Bridge To Return To M4 Motorway

Mary Ward is from Western Sydney and has literally driven a car on this motorway before. Wow. What a diverse comedy writing group.

The troll will return to the M4 motorway, six years after government acquisition of the road resulted in his unemployment.

Vladivard Ygrrelvish, a professional troll of 27 years, said he was glad to have been reinstated to the post he lost in 2010.

“Obviously it’s great to be back on the M4,” Ygrrelvish said.

Ygrrelvish was first appointed to the position of M4 Troll in 1989, under the Greiner government.

The father of three said he felt there was no substitute for trolls on our roads.

“When they let me go, they said the traffic on both Silverwater Rd and Parramatta Rd was acting as a sufficient deterrent to motorists passing down the M4, but nothing deters a trespasser quite like a good riddle.”