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A standing ovulation (only from those who study med)

Jacinta Gregory reviews the 2016 Med Revue

Puns, silliness, references to TV shows that you know and love (as well as memes – lots of references to memes) await you at this years 2016 MEDREVUE: Medflix and Chill. The show began with a parody of the Book of Mormon’s “Hello”, a number about pushing pills to patients – but always with a smile. Kudos to Music directors Gretel Kelly and Natalia Berlinski for an excellent arrangement that made great use of the vocal talent in the cast, including standouts, Rachael O’Reilly and Tegan Millington.

This quality of song parody continued, and as a resident (eh?) cynic, I was highly impressed by the consistently excellent vocal performances and choreography. Shout out to Samantha Fredman for her defying gravity parody; the final note overshadowed a lot of the show’s content. The show also featured some of the best revue choreography I have ever seen. Congratulations to choreographers Jhonna Collins, Amelia Saunders for achieving that feat. The sheer organisational skill that “you can’t stop the beat” would’ve taken was enough for the ticket cost alone. Kudos.

But in saying that, I don’t study Med, and while the energy that emanated from the first four rows of the audience was palpable, the sketch content could have been stronger. The things I learnt from this revue were: tinder references are the pinnacle of comedy, puns = punch line, politician + politician = gay = comedy, and did you know doctors’ fingers go up butts? Because they do.

The best moments of the show came from the characters, rather than the sketches themselves. The appearances from Waleed Aly and Ron Weasley were examples of adequate writing taken to a fun level by the sheer energy and commitment put into sketches by the cast, who were obviously having a great time.

With a drink in hand – you will have fun at this year’s Medflix and Chill. It was a pleasure to see people in another faculty enjoying themselves on stage and trying their best. But next time, they should maybe try their best not to write a Harlem Shake joke.

To avoid another jaded arts comedy c**t writing a review like this next-year, I urge the next Med Revue team to seek outside help and advice on sketch writing.

But for now, the audience will enjoy the amazing music and sketches of Medflix and Chill. I look forward to Stat Boi 2017.