As a feminist, my decision to throw women into active volcanoes is automatically feminist

Did I mention I am a feminist?

Woman in front of lava

I am a feminist. Sure, some people say that feminism is no longer needed in 2017, but everyday, all around the world, people are still battling for gender equality at every level. Women of all walks of life are shamed for their life choices, the way they dress, talk, eat, work, even think. Even other women, who proclaim themselves to be model feminists, participate in this culture of shaming and policing!

I am here to say that I will no longer put up with this. I am a woman who is in control of her life, and my choices are as valid as those of anyone else.

If I decide to put on makeup in the morning because it makes me feel beautiful and powerful, then that is my right as a feminist. If I decide to buy and wear expensive heels because they empower me, and I have the material means and the confidence to do so, then I should be allowed to do so without judgment. And if I want to throw women that I don’t like into hot, sputtering, active volcanoes then I should not be shouted down for it!

Some among you may say that it is my duty as a feminist to support all women. But what about my duty to myself as a feminist to do what I feel is right and good for me? Surely the advancement of my individual plight is a symbol of the advancement of womankind? Surely — in a world that tells me no at every turn — I should be defiant, and throw those annoying ladies into fiery craters of bubbling magma? I mean, a lot of them don’t even Identify as feminists so is it really a loss?

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