Lefties should stop picking fights with the police, says man with bushranger tattoo sleeve

This man is a fan of the iron ranger

Ned Kelly tattoo

John Blackburn, a paying member of the Shooters and Fishers party, is fed up with entitled leftwing activists.

I meet John at his Bundeena home deep in the Sutherland Shire. He owns two rental properties in Darling Point but prefers the green streets and white people of what he calls ‘God’s country’.

“There’s just no respect for our boys in blue,” John says as he readjusts his Rivers-branded flannel shirt, revealing a full length sleeve of renowned thief, murderer, and cop-killer Ned Kelly.

When I ask him about Ned Kelly, he kisses his bicep where the bushranger is inked.

“We don’t have many people like the iron ranger these days. Didn’t take no for answer. He was about Aussie spirit. Going out and getting what you want.”

John says the mainstream media is at fault. “Everyone’s telling these kids they don’t have to blame themselves for being locked out of ever owning a home or for needing to work two jobs to make ends meet. You tell them it’s not a result of their generation’s laziness and of course they start blaming the government and the police.”

“Everyone wants handouts these days. No one’s willing to work for their earnings like ol’ Ned did.” John points out the Eureka flag flying proudly behind Kelly on his arm. “The blokes at the Eureka stockade wouldn’t have put up with generation Y’s lack of respect for authority.”

John, an avid nature-lover and offroad enthusiast, shows me his two 4WDs before explaining that he has to leave for the city.

“I’m heading back to the big smoke to look at a property. Used to be a venue called Bar Century or something.” John explains that he’s hoping to gut the place and put up several luxury appartments.