Paul Ryan seen blasting Drowning Pool’s “Bodies” on party bus after passing AHCA

"Let the bodies hit the floor"

Trump bus The bus where the festivities occurred.

After passing the controversial American Health Care Act, Republicans were then seen passing the aux cord to House Speaker Paul Ryan on a party bus on the way to President Donald Trump’s press conference.

Ryan, a self-proclaimed radio-rock aficionado, who enjoys archery, fitness, making bratwurst, and lying about his marathon times, took only minutes (although Ryan might claim it was seconds) before he had Spotify playing Drowning Pool’s 2001 hit at maximum volume.

The male representatives accompanying Ryan unanimously enjoyed the track despite its abrasiveness. Having previously claimed his music taste “starts with AC/DC and ends with Zeppelin,” Ryan is no stranger to appealing to the interests of other white men and performances of masculinity.

The party bus passengers shared champagne and danced half-heartedly, although not as half-heartedly as patients who will no longer be able to afford their heart medication. The infectious chorus was followed by the line “this is the end” and over the backing vocals, a representative shouted, “Of Obamacare!”

Ryan expressed his contentedness with his signature tight-lipped smirk.

When informed that original Drowning Pool vocalist Dave Williams had died of undiagnosed cardiomyopathy — one of the conditions that may not be covered under the AHCA — Ryan declined to comment.