‘How can I be racist if race is a social construct?’ asks self-proclaimed ‘woke’ One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts.

"Bet the lefties didn't think of this one."

Malcolm Roberts One Nation senator, Malcolm Roberts.

An unprecedented political move sent shockwaves through Australia’s political sphere, One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has defended himself against claims of racism with radical sociological theory.

“People have been accusing me of ‘racism’ by saying that I encourage discriminatory acts of hate speech. But what those people forget is that basically, it’s impossible for me to be racist because race itself is a social construct — it doesn’t exist,” said Roberts.

“The belief that races are anything more than arbitrary categories invented by society, or that they are grounded in some objective scientific reality, is as ridiculous as it is dangerous. Instead, we at One Nation have always favoured a more social constructionist view”. 

“Biological essentialism is the next biggest threat to Australia after multiculturalism,” added Roberts, before stating that his MBA from the University of Chicago gives him the right to speak as an expert not only on Climate Change, but also on Critical Race Theory.

While many on social media expressed their astonishment at Robert’s new found “wokeness”, academics have pointed out that his recent statements are simply a logical progression in one of the foundational dogmas of One Nation praxis, namely, ‘How can I be racist towards Muslims when Islam isn’t a race?’