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Biggest ‘scoops’ of 2017

From Honi's exclusive investigations to the events that rocked campus this year, here are some of the biggest scoops we covered, in order of publication date.

University library shreds thousands of books

By Maani Truu and Nick Bonyhady; January 18

“Thousands of books and multimedia items are headed for the shredder as the University of Sydney Library embarks on a disposal process to free up space.”

University said withholding documents about on-campus sexual assault attack was in the ‘public interest’

By Justine Landis-Hanley; March 9

“A letter obtained by Honi reveals the University of Sydney objected to police releasing information about an attempted assault on campus last year in the name of ‘public interest’.”

SUSF president campaigned on free gym membership for college students

By Liam Donohoe; May 18

“An anonymous source said Flynn, ‘basically promised free gym membership to all college kids’ during a speech Flynn delivered at St Paul’s formal dinner, one that was subsequently endorsed by the college’s senior student. It is unclear whether Flynn intends to offer free gym memberships to non-college members of the University community.”

EasyWay on campus paying staff as little as $10 an hour

By Alison Xiao and Natassia Chrysanthos; June 7

“Students are allegedly offered pay of $10 per hour during their training stage, although that period can last for over a month, and paid up to $14 per hour otherwise. This is well below the minimum wage in Australia, and would likely constitute a breach of the Fair Work Act 2009.

USyd Quad jacaranda replanted

By Siobhan Ryan; July 20

“The University has replanted its famous jacaranda tree in the Quadrangle alongside a native Illawarra flame tree.”

‘Kept in the dark’: students not privy to AHRC results despite unis’ one week head start

 By Maani Truu and Natassia Chrysanthos; July 31

The student briefing process has been muddled, and representatives including Wom*n’s Officers have not been made privy to results.”

Colleges have not committed to releasing Broderick review findings

By Siobhan Ryan; August 15

“The University of Sydney’s residential colleges have not committed to releasing their individual reports from former Sex Discrimination Commissioner Elizabeth Broderick’s review into college culture. While the University has committed to publicly releasing any report it receives from the review, it confirmed that ‘any material provided directly to [colleges] is a matter for them’.”

Sydney NTEU votes to strike

By Ann Ding; August 17

“At a meeting today, USyd staff who are part of the National Tertiary Education Union (NTEU) voted to take strike action on August 26 (the university’s Open Day) and September 13.”

See also ‘No more strikes: union accepts university management offer’ by Natassia Chrysanthos on September 21.

Arts faculty late penalty jumps to five per cent

By Jayce Carrano; August 21

“The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Board has today voted to implement a five per cent penalty per calendar day for late assignments from 2018 onwards.”

USU votes against striking with University of Sydney staff

By Justine Landis-Hanley and Kishor Napier-Raman; August 25

“The USU Board voted against closing its outlets while in camera (confidentially, without media or attendees allowed) in a June meeting before the current directors had assumed their roles, USU President Courtney Thompson announced at a board meeting this afternoon.

USyd lecturer the lead spokesperson for Coalition of Marriage ‘No’ campaign

By Nick Bonyhady and Natassia Chrysanthos; September 2

“Sophie York authorised the recent ‘No’ campaign ad which featured three mothers stating that marriage equality would lead to ‘radical gay education’.”

University bans Waterstreet jobs from CareerHub amid protests

By Maani Truu; October 26

“The University of Sydney has removed a job advertisement and put a ban on further advertising from Rake Chambers in the University’s CareerHub following allegations that Charles Waterstreet sexually harassed a USyd student while she worked for him.”