SPICE to edit Honi Soit in 2019

Spice outmanoeuvred their two joke ticket rivals

Image by Channel 10

We’re calling it: Spice for Honi will edit Honi Soit next year in a landslide win. Spice garnered 1978 votes, beating rival tickets, Pictures of Spider-Man for Honi (677 votes) and Honey Soy (601 votes). A total of 3256 official votes were cast for the Honi ballot.

The result is not yet official, because the SRC regulations require the president result to be announced first.  This hasn’t happened yet, but Spice has secured over 50 per cent of the vote, meaning their victory is guaranteed.

Spice has been ahead in the polls over the last three days, with Honi’s exit poll data showing a 27.1% lead over their competitors combined. The last three-way Honi contest was in 2016, between Wet, Time and Sin for Honi. However, this year’s rival tickets Spider-Man and Honey Soy were widely regarded as joke tickets and did not campaign during the election.

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Jha, O’Grady, Syed, Thorne, Verity and Zheng are 2018 regular reporters, while He, Luthria, Wen and Zhang have all contributed to this year’s paper.