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“I’m an LG”: Aircon reveals secret

The latest scandal to hit the Sydney Asian community

In a shocking surprise, local air conditioner “Jenny” has revealed that she too is an LG — both a Korean electronics brand, and also a member of a distinct subculture referring to athleisure-wearing, rave-going, bubble-tea-sipping young women of Asian heritage. The reveal comes after Jenny was spotted at popular joint Sanctuary Hotel, affectionately called “Sanc”, keeping scores of holiday internship weary Asian Australian young professionals cool in the summer heat.

After months of telling her friends that she was actually a Fujitsu, Jenny decided to come out with the truth after seeing the Arterial Blood Gas test announce at a press conference last week that she was, in fact, an Asian Baby Girl (ABG).

“It just felt right. I’m so happy I did it because now I can go to Sanc on a Friday night without any guilt” Jenny said, speaking from her Hurstville flat.

Vivian Tran, Jenny’s owner and fellow LG, expressed solidarity with her air conditioner.  

“Yea so what? She’s an LG. What you gonna do bout it? Do ya know how hot it gets at KO? We need Jenny” Tran said.

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