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“Phew”: Labor MP relieved after finding out not due to visit ethnic electorate until 2023

The whole incident was, yet again, caught on camera

Binns photographed celebrating his win in the multicultural electorate

After a knife-edge fight for the Western Sydney electorate of Bogarah, Chris Binns could not be grinning any wider. Not just because he won the vote, but also because he will not have to visit the ethnic enclave until the next election.

“Four years is almost enough time to get this place out of my system” Binns told journalists from his four bedroom house in Coogee.

“It was a tough campaign. Really pushed me to my limits. They even made me record something in Chinese”

While Binns was tipped to be the next leader of the NSW Labor party, commentators are unsure whether someone with his views could possibly ascend to be the leading Progressive™ voice in the state.

However, Binns fancies his chances.

“Mate, look at Michael Daley! Do you remember Luke Foley? Racist dogwhistling is practically in the party constitution!”

Binn’s comments were subsequently caught on camera, and will be scheduled to reappear a week before the 2023 state election, just in time for his next visit to Bogorah.

Blessed with the knowledge that they can whip this out at the next election, the Liberal Party is reportedly looking forward to another four years of doing absolutely nothing about the light rail, the Murray Darling, forced adoptions, deaths in custody, public school funding, protecting the environment — and still winning the election.