Editorial: Semester 2, Week 11 2019

More to come

A glass bowl of flowers. Art by Garnet Chan

This week, the editors of Honi Soit created a games group chat on Messenger. Everyone is playing Jumpy Jumpy Helix Ball. At the time of writing, Joe is at the top of the leaderboard. I love this obsession that has gripped this ticket. We have been through so many stressful situations together that it makes me very happy to see everyone finding solace in Jumpy Jumpy Helix Ball — an activity conducted for no other purpose than personal delight (or maybe procrastination). 

In years to come, I’d like to remember moments like these. Watching the 2003 kids show Freaky. Alan sustaining an injury after attempting to balance a metal bottle on his head. All of us becoming the stars of each other’s dreams. I have watched everyone grow so much this year (except Pranay who is a tiny baby). 

I am very proud of this edition and so grateful to the writers and artists who made it all possible. Shania O’Brien writes about creation and creativity, stories and how they flower quietly into being. Donnalyn Xu untangles the beauty and intricate nuances of still life. Emma Cao graces us with a suite of beautiful poems and art. Rameen Hayat discovers the equilibrium between patterns and poetry. Pranay Jha talks Crohn’s Disease and uncertainty. Amelia Mertha expounds upon her love for birds. And in our excellent feature, Anh Nguyen takes us on a journey through the hostile architecture that characterises too many of our cities.

The wonderfully talented Garnet Chan has painted my cover — a world inside a small thing. Leaves wither on the outside, and flowers bloom on the inside. Even amidst an ending, new and vivid things are emerging. As we often write at the end of our news pieces and developing stories, there is “more to come.”

I’m so sad that this is almost over. This paper has been such a huge part of my year. I will miss this — I will miss us. Our jokes, our dreams. To my wonderful fellow editors: I love you all dearly. You will each go on to do amazing things and shake the world in your own ways.

Everything is ending. But as my mother told me at my graduation, 这是你一生中的一个逗号,不是句号。This ending is not a full stop but a comma. There is more to come. There is more to come

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