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Harvey Weinstein horrified that coronavirus would enter his body without his consent

The imprisoned sex offender was horrified to learn the virus did not respect his bodily autonomy.

This article mentions sexual assault.

Harvey Weinstein has expressed his outrage that something would enter his body without his consent, after being diagnosed with coronavirus this weekend.

“I feel like my bodily autonomy was completely destroyed by this virus,” the rapist and fallen film producer told The Rodent.

“It’s incredibly important that those of us diagnosed with the virus raise awareness, stand tall and proclaim this has happened #ToMe.”

“As Catharine MacKinnon tells us, ‘we are nothing if not our bodies, the invasion of autonomy is invasion of our very selves.’”

Weinstein has begun a reading group in prison about the importance of bodily autonomy, where the works of MacKinnon, Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde are being discussed. 

He has yet to realise their writings are about sexual assault.

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