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Ramsay Centre decides to skip the middleman and offer degree through ADFA

Ramsay spokesperson Gerald Tuffington has called the agreement a "win-win situation".

In a huge win for the efficiency-minded everywhere, the controversial Ramsay Centre has decided to stop faffing about with its Bachelor of Western Civilisation and offer it directly through ADFA.

“Really, this is a win-win situation,” said Ramsay spokesperson, Gerald Tuffington. “The Ramsay degree has really always been about justifying western imperialism. By offering it to ADFA students we can give that information to the people carrying out that imperialism. It’s that sort of efficiency that scratches my Protestant ethical itch.”

Lieutenant General Carl Carlton, Vice Chancellor of ADFA, agreed, saying “we’d been running out of classes to teach our students that don’t mention women or queers anyway, so this was a lifesaver for our curriculum. Simple as mate.” 

Rodney Douglas, an incoming ADFA student seemed equally enthused. “Fuark mate, you’re telling me I get a scholarship too? Not bad at all,” said the recent Scotch College graduate. “How much is it? Like, ten grand at least yeah? Fuark mate how many bags is that?”

University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence was unable to offer comment, being too busy seething in an unlit room at being passed over for the Racism Degree.

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