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North Shore teen picks up livestream DJ hobby in order to ‘bring joy’ to others in quarantine

A vital public service

Jimmy Thomas (19) debuted his livestream DJ act last Saturday night over Instagram Live to a rapturous crowd of twelve of his high school friends. Performing under the moniker ‘Jay Tommo’, the evening of music lasted a total of forty minutes and featured such timeless classics as ‘Rhythm of the Night’ and ‘Barbara Streisand’. Thomas also included a few of his favourite tech house hits for good measure.

“I just think with the whole quarantine situation, everyone is just missing those eets Ivy vibes,” Thomas told The Rodent from the comfort of his parents’ property in Mosman, “and what better way to use all this time on my hands than to do something creative, learn a skill, and bring joy to all my mates?”

Thomas, who only started learning how to DJ on Friday after asking his dad to buy him some Pioneer CDJs, says he took an immediate inclination to the craft.

“I just loaded all my tracks on there and started mixing straight away. It was almost like the music was playing itself.”

When asked about his career roadmap as one of Sydney’s up-and-coming DJs, Thomas was not afraid to tell The Rodent about his lofty ambitions. 

“The next stop is definitely a slot on Room 2 Radio. And after that, who knows? If I keep building my Instagram numbers, I might even move to Berlin one day.”

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