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The Best Masked Singer Reveals

We can't help but stan these Aussie icons!

Ever since The Masked Singer made its way out of the bizzaro hellscape from whence it came and into Australian TV sets, fans have eagerly awaited the weekly reveals of which C-list celebrities can kind of sing while trapped in a nightmarish suit that is equal parts childlike and depraved. Here are some of our favorite ‘unmaskings’ from the show!

Fraser Anning

We probably should have seen this coming after his second performance, in which he started furiously denouncing immigration over the instrumental to Maroon 5’s Moves Like Jagger. Still, seeing his shiny balding head emerge from his shinier panda costume was certainly a joyous, babushka doll-esque surprise. We send our sincere thanks to Channel 10 for reminding us: hey, racists can sing too!

Harold Holt

Despite numerous hints towards his identity, including his masked identity being “The Lochness Monster”, no one could have predicted that former Prime Minister Harold Holt would A) be alive, and B) have the voice of an angel! We were positively giddy with joy when his mask was taken off after a performance of Ween’s Ocean Man to reveal the wrinkled and thoroughly soggy PM, who had apparently grown a pair of gills since his disappearance over 50 years ago.

All Seven Victims of the Backpacker Murders

It’s easy to forget how much room there is in those Masked Singer suits, but the unmasking of the ghosts of all seven victims of Ivan Milat’s “backpacker murders”, who had all fit into one suit to perform as “The Skeleton”, was certainly a much-needed reminder. Who could forget the nation-wide chills that occurred during the 7 spectres’ post-unmasking performance, in which they replaced the lyrics of Ylvis’ The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) with a monotonous chant: “We are the undead. We are vengeance. We cursed Ivan Milat with stomach cancer.”

Wendall, the Cactus-Human Hybrid (R.I.P.)

Unfortunately, not all the reveals on this show have been met with an ecstatic response. After numerous weeks performing under the identity of “the Sexy Cactus”, Wendall’s head was removed live on air by the now-convicted Osher Günsberg, who thought there would be a human underneath. Australia was horrified as it quickly became apparent that Osher had just decapitated poor Wendall, a Cactus-Human Hybrid created as a result of a toxic waste dump in the Royal Botanic Gardens. Though he may be gone, the prickly fellow shall remain in our hearts forever.