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Federal Government scraps vaccination timeline just as 7th year student scraps graduation timeline

Learning is forever...and so is his transcript!

The Federal Government announced earlier last week that they would scrap the vaccination timeline entirely. Buoyed by their courage, 7th year undergraduate Leon Donor-Hugh announced that he would stop promising to graduate any time now.

“I don’t really think that learning, as a philosophical progression of knowledge, really ever ends and my time at USyd is no different.”

The 27 year old has deferred three times now so that he can juggle his many extracurricular commitments.

“Being the President of the Figure Skating Society isn’t easy ya know. And when i’m not organising rink meets, i’m busy being Treasurer of the Jazz Club or General Secretary of the SRC.”

When Honi asked for comment, SRC President Swapnik Sanagavarapu said it was time for Donor-Hugh to move on.

“He’s had his time – he started 15 socieites, was president of 23, treasurer of 18, and secretary of 47. Maybe’s it’s time that Leon stops doing electives and starts doing core units again.”

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