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Activist forgets to organise protest after spending 6 hours making cute weekly meeting graphic

“Honestly it’s just been such a busy month."

Greens MP David Shoebridge was left “shocked” after no one attended a cross-collective speakout, where he had planned to deliver a speech this morning.

The Boot understands that organisers forgot to invite people as they were making a social media graphic in the OB room.

“Honestly it’s just been such a busy month,” said organiser Milly Power.

“Last week, we made some staunch pastel infographics on abolishing the police. We also had a working bee to make a cover photo for a Facebook event. And to top things off, we made a cute weekly meeting calendar.”

Power told The Boot that she is hoping to become a graphic designer after she finishes her term. “I’ve gained so much experience through this and I hope to take the skills I’ve learnt through activism and producing autonomous Honi editions into the industry.”

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