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USyd proposes alternative to special cons reform: one free plagiarism

As a treat.

The introduction of the new ‘Completely Plagiarise an Entire Assignment’ policy at Sydney University has been met with both hostility and praise. It allows each student to find pre-existing academic documentation and pass it off as their own ONCE throughout their University career.

When exactly you use this golden ticket is subject to personal preference; feeling dusty after a weekend bender – stay in bed a little longer. Finding it hard to cooperate with group members – take the easy way out.

Despite the overall positive reaction, some students feel their education is being undercut. One student Honi Soit reached out to echoed these sentiments, stating “it’s ridiculous. This is the sort of thing that sets students up for failure, this would never fly in the corporate world.”

One struggling student has already made use of his stroke of luck, submitting pirated work for a substantial assignment minutes before the due date without even reading it. To his later shock, however, the poached essay was neither coherent nor relevant to his course.

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