Editorial: Week 2, Semester 2

Faith and discernment are an indispensable part, regardless of our beliefs, of the exciting tides of turbulence that life brings.

Art by Ava Broinowski.

In many ways, a full circle has come when I chose faith as the theme for this week’s edition. Faith, in one sense, refers to the devotion to Christ that characterises the institutions and belief in salvation that I subscribe to. My article, written together with Emily Scarlis, is a token of gratitude to Christ in our own ways, reflecting on the idea of the “world church” as expressed through art and our own journeys.  

Flick to pages 14 and 15 and delve into Alex Whitehead’s feature article diving into the sobering reality from the continuing colonial occupation of Western Sahara and the University of Sydney’s own controversy surrounding its cancelling of a Saharawi human rights activist.

Other students of faith also reflect on the role that faith plays in student life, with Mahmoud Al Rifai penning his thoughts on the place of faith, specifically, Islam, in university intellectual life and puts forward a case that despite detractors from New Atheism, they are compatible. 

That prompts the need for serious reflection on the religious and Christian community’s commitment to equity and equality, as, when lured in by the corruptive power of conservative politics, abandon their professed commitment to anyone who is disadvantaged or marginalised. 

In another, faith refers to the trust that that we, as humanity, as neighbours, ought to exercise to one another. Faith encapsulates why this humble rag, from its inception, covers news and interrogates the exercise of power on campus, so that the promise of the secular and religious Pharisees that govern our world stays true to their word.  

The third element of faith is the careful discernment that we employ in deciding our course of action. And for that, Lucas Kao’s reflections deserve a close read, with Kao teasing out the impact that a Confucian upbringing has had on his Chinese-Australian experience.

Turn over to page 13 to find a comedic gem in Felix Faber’s Dogs eat grapes, accompanied by five excellent illustrations by Hye Jun Kwoun, together, they make a beautiful storybook, detailing one of mankind’s best friends on a serendipitous journey. 

Finally, faith is an indispensable motivation and reason for why editing this paper has been an immense source of pride and joy. The gentle impatience, mentorship, care and love that I am, without question, am blessed by through friends, family and Christ. And the same goes to everyone else in CAKE, without whom this incredible year, full of surprises and turns, would not be possible. 

This semester will present a multitude of exhilarating tests ahead for everyone, the deluge of assignments and life thrusts us full steam ahead. For those with an eye towards the upcoming SRC elections and the next generation of editors, listen and take the university community’s concerns, thoughts and ideas to heart. From then on, discernment is an immense privilege that we, at Honi Soit, get to partake in. 

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