How to Tuck

A semi-comprehensive guide from the Queer Action Collective.


  • A fresh razor
  • Medical or sports tape (NO DUCT TAPE)
  • Tight-fitting underwear


Step 1: Shave.

Shave everything that the tape will touch, from balls to taint to hole (trust me, you do not want your ball hair getting ripped out with sports tape).

Step 2: Tuck the balls.

First, find your inguinal canals (aka the ball tunnels). They can be found on both sides of your penis going upwards and out to either side. If you’ve never found them before, feel around first using a finger or two so you know where you’re going.

Get a strip of tape ready. Gently push one of your balls up and into your canal and tape down from your pubic area inwards, towards, and past your sack.

Ensure the tape is tight enough to stop your balls from slipping out, but not so tight that it hurts. Do not tape over your dick yet.

Repeat with the other ball. 

Step 3: Tape the sack.

Tape your sack down and back towards the middle. Make sure it can’t slip out of your underwear.

Step 4: Tape the penis.

Pull your penis down and back between your legs, taping back and towards your butt. You may have to tape into the butt crack to the side of your butt cheek. 

If you are circumcised, DO NOT put tape on the head of your dick, that shit hurt.

Tip: If you are wearing your tuck for an extended period of time, make sure you can go to the bathroom!

Step 5: Underwear.

Put on your favourite pair of affirming tight underwear to ensure everything is held in place and show off your amazing tuck.

Step 6: Untucking.

When the day is done and you’re ready to untuck, hop in a warm shower or bath and thoroughly soak the tape with water. It should peel off gently without hassle.