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Sutherland, Saturday Night

Four groups of cops stand looking bored on the platform. As my carriage comes past, each one points in sequence to the kids downstairs who appear to be Revelling and/or Frolicking. They’re pulled off the train for drinking and as we sit stuck on the train gum chewing POLICE roll up, stragglers chatting to the…

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Young Labor Drinks

“Last drinks, get it up ya,” cries a self-professed nomad. “Everyone say Labor”—“Laaaay-bor” comes the response as they take a happy snap in the Hermann’s courtyard. “We’re moving on to the Landsdowne,” where mock rage pervades a pool comp. “Sorry friend, could I ask you to move aside for this shot?” “Ah depends on the…

Culture //

FKA twigs at the Metro Theatre

FKA twigs stalks onto the stage to screams of delight, her arrival preceded by shuddering bass. Vocal loops skitter through the packed Metro Theatre and, with her back arched, she casts an imperious eye over the audience. Her album’s “Preface” serves to introduce the concert as industrial percussion, and a twisted rap loop runs under…

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Easy as CPC

Six months on, has the Charles Perkins Centre lived up to expectations, asks Alex Gillis.