Author: Zoe Le Marinel

This play is a powerful and realistic depiction of not just growing up gay but of getting older gay. The haunting sadness of having infinitely more knowledge than you once had- and the constant burning wish that you could go back in time and be a better friend, a better partner, a better confidant.

Nestled between the giant pillars of Redfern and Newtown, it’s easy to forget that it is there until an aimless walk takes you there, off the corner of an unfamiliar street.

To many, its well-worn tropes — love letters, odes, think pieces — are a comfort, whilst to many they appear lifeless. Maybe Honi Soit can be a bit annoying —- but that’s because young people are annoying. We are part of a long tradition of nit-picky, quippy people who care.

We are both inhabitants of a deeply haunted campus with a million forgotten corners and empty courtyards. Here, in these quiet places, you’ll find some folks worth your time.

Director Jeremy Jenkins and assistant director Hunter Shanahan have mercilessly cast seven shockingly funny performers that turn Noel Coward’s tight-lipped English comedy into a playground.