Honi Soit writing competiton. Entries close July 29
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Homeless Child Saves Justice League Using Power Of Invisibility

Imprisoned over the weekend by Lex Luthor, members of the Justice League were shocked to find themselves rescued by Mikey Jillickers, a homeless child, who social disadvantage had rendered invisible. “Nobody can breach Luthor’s defences, we’re trapped in here”, said Superman, whose incredible sight grants him x-ray vision but still doesn’t allow him to see…

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Team of Supervillains Wrap Up Every Non-Batman Element of Gotham Takeover

A confederacy of supervillains has confirmed that the shutdown of the Gotham Police Department on Friday marks the last in a long series of non-Batman exercises that will culminate in their takeover of Gotham city. On Monday, an alliance of devilish supervillains including the ‘Penguin’, ‘Poison Ivy’ and ‘Scarecrow’ held Gotham ransom with a purloined…

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Dear Diary: Batman

Mood: The Dark Knight is Rising. I took the night off fighting crime. Had the Lamborghini detailed. I made sure Alfred got us great seats for the midnight premiere. Anne Hathaway was my date. We had her catsuit for our own private afterparty (and you thought her arse was good onscreen). And for what? I…