Honi Soit writing competiton. Entries close July 29
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For sale: unstapled Honi, never read

Dear Honi, I’m writing to drum up interest in eBay listing #281758345027, a rare unstapled edition of Honi Soit Week 13 2015. Due to an inexplicable metal-related problem, this edition was released UNSTAPLED. The editors were quick to retract and staple all copies on stands, thus securing the rarity of this piece. Featuring ‘Vivid is…

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Letters to the Editors – Week 11

In defence of SULS Dear Honi, I write in response to last week’s article on SULS’ tax debt to clarify SULS’ position on some of the issues raised. SULS receives annual sponsorship from corporate law firms as its main source of income. We receive around $160 000 each year, rather than the $350 000 claimed…