SRC 90th Anniversary
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Keeping Grounded

“Blow blow me out I’m so sad I don’t know why. Blow blow me out I’m so sad I don’t know why…” Walking out from Cellar Theatre after this eighty minutes monodrama, Blur’s song started to hover in my heart and I was haunted by some vague sadness. Directed by Victor Kalka, Grounded invites its…

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J’Accuse Your Own Adventure

Photography by Luke Tisher Oliver Moore would make a terrible detective. The SUDS Summer season continues this week with J’Accuse, an interactive murder mystery loosely styled on Cluedo. I have always wanted to host my own murder mystery themed dinner party. Particularly those pre-set games where everyone is assigned a character and you act out the…

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Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

(Eds note: This review contains brief, aesthetic criticism of a representation of self-harm.) Student theatre necessitates a degree of innovation. Tight budgets, a lack of resources and a limitation on available spaces creates a perfect breeding ground for invention. However, even when actors and directors are forced into back rooms, cafés, street corners, or Studio…