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In our current era, choice feminism and postfeminism collide inside an online algorithm which favours therapy-speak and is designed specifically to dissuade nuance and maximise profit margins, creating a toxic narrative: the widespread and mindless glorification of values and behaviours that uphold patriarchy, using the language of ‘feminism’.

I’m more allured by that demure woman who mostly lurks in the shadows of the off-stage, with garlands of wildflowers in her hair and brook water dripping off her clothes. I speak, of course, of Ophelia

Women’s encounters with dismissive or invalidating behaviour in healthcare settings are distressingly common. Honi Soit spoke to women who shared stories of their concerns being brushed aside, their pain being downplayed, and their autonomy being disregarded.

Obsessions with tragic romance and the tortured feminine ideal has shrouded social media platforms, the music industry and the film world for everyone to enjoy miserably.