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Births, Deaths and Marriages – Semester One, Week Four

Not including the birth, death (and rebirth) of Jesus Christ

I’m not racist but…

Michael Sun, a Media and Communications student, was asked by Sydney University staff to pose for a picture used in International Students public relations material. Sun, who is not an international student, was approached at an Arts faculty barbeque during OWeek in 2015.

Sun says that the photographer sought to capture a “spontaneous” moment between a racially diverse group of friends. In reality, Sun and friend Adam Ursino had sat down next to a separate group of students just moments before the picture was taken. Ursino and Sun expressed disappointment in the material’s mistaken and offensive depiction of students of colour as international students.

Glass houses redux

On Thursday afternoon, an area directly below the New Law building – by the border of Victoria Park – was taped off and shattered glass was found on the ground.

We speculate this may have something to do with the building’s pesky glass panels, which we reported last year as being “oft-shattered” with the potential to fall on unsuspecting students. At the time, the University told us everything was structurally sound.

But in the summer break, we spied construction crews atop a crane sneakily lifting damaged panels off the building. The mystery continues.

A late boarder

Following Week 1’s round-up of your prospective Union Board candidates – who will run in an election later this semester – Honi can confirm one more name is entering the shitshow.

SRC Councillor Cameron Hawkins (Independent) is running, managed by Cameron Caccamo. It’s a reunion of sorts for the two, who last year masterminded the successful “Camerons for SRC” ticket. But this time, Caccamo says it’s not a gimmick.

“While the SRC campaign was firmly tongue in cheek, this will be a serious campaign to elect someone with significant involvement in C&S and a more diverse university background,” he said.

Hawkins is expected to draw on support from various Science faculty-based clubs, and Caccamo has promised he would not seek help from current Board Directors or on-campus factions.