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Senate fellow resigns, creating casual vacancy

Andrew Bell reports

The Postgraduate Student Fellow, Simon Hill, has resigned from his position on the Sydney University Senate, creating a casual vacancy to be filled.

The vacancy has arisen because Hill will soon graduate from the University, rendering him ineligible to complete his term.

Hill was studying a Juris Doctor at Sydney Law School and will graduate this Friday.

Since the vacancy has occurred in the final year of his term, the Senate may appoint a person “qualified” to fill the position until the next election, later this year. A person is qualified if they are a postgraduate student who is not a member of staff.

The Senate will not be running an election, or publicly advertising the vacancy in order to fill the position quickly.

David Pacey, Secretary to Senate, sent an email this morning to the members of the Student Consultative Committee (SCC) to request consultation in the process of “identifying a suitable candidate to fill the casual vacancy.”

Pacey advised Honi that postgraduate students may contact him if they believe they are suitable for the position. He further stated that the position will not be advertised publicly in order to be able to fill the position expediently.

“Senate wishes to have a diverse representation among Fellows, and as such is interested in receiving nominations from candidates from a range of backgrounds to reflect gender balance and representation of both local and international students,” Pacey wrote to the SCC.

“Nominations should be forwarded to me as the Secretary to Senate by the closing date of 20 May and should be accompanied by a brief biography of the nominee. Nominees must consent to being nominated.”

The Senate is the peak governing body of the University, and Hill is one of two student representatives.

Hill’s position was due to expire on 30 November 2016, two years after he was elected to the position by a popular vote of the student populace of the University.

Hill has been contacted for comment, but has not yet responded.