Local friend appears before human rights tribunal for having their 21st on the Northern Beaches

Many commentators have been quick to condemn the act

sharon on the witness stand

On Wednesday the United Nations Human Rights tribunal will meet to discuss the case of Sharon Reed, a university student who recently held their 21st birthday party on the second floor of the Narrabeen RSL on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

Although inconvenient party locations are often dealt with by lower courts, in a statement to the press the court stated the case was brought before the tribunal “because 21sts are different than regular parties in that invitees are socially obligated to attend. This worsens the outcomes for the victims of the party.”

“In this particular case, public transport users were forced to catch three different buses to reach the location of the party. Upon arrival they were dealt stern looks from the host for arriving after speeches, without recognizing their journey took over one hour and 45 minutes.”

“Moreover” the statement adds, “With the poor public transport situation returning to the city in this case, attendees were stuck with Uber rides exceeding 50 dollars. It is consequences like these that make this case particularly heinous in the eyes of the court.”

Surprisingly, the attendees’ hopes of a venue that justified a ridiculously long trip crossing multiple municipal boundaries were dashed.

“When we got there we went up to the second floor and went to the bar to ask for a drink. After we left the bar we were yelled back by the bartender.

That’s when they were told by the staff: there was no bar tab.

“I had to pay nine dollars for that beer. I was horrified. I thought to myself: is this how they do things on the Northern Beaches?” one of the attendees told The Garter Press.