Lockouts set to vitalise Parramatta

Sydney's cousin is catching up.

Parramatta Artist’s impression of how crowded Parramatta will be at night.

Gladys Berejiklian’s administration has announced the introduction of comprehensive lockout laws, effective next month, in the city of Parramatta as part of the state government’s broad strategy to promote the district as a second CBD.

Sydney’s lockout regime introduced in 2014 affected many of the inner-city’s most vibrant entertainment precincts such as King’s Cross and Haymarket, and has been considered a resounding success by people that listen to 2GB.

The curfew policies in Parramatta will include new ‘innovative’ stipulations based on feedback from the Daily Telegraph’s opinion column.

As such, the lockout laws will extend to private residences where it will become illegal to enter a house after 1:30am or serve alcohol to yourself after 3:30am.

Similarly, businesses will not be permitted to trade past 11:00pm. These new regulations will also effect 24-hour services like McDonald’s and Anytime Fitness.

In a brief statement, Berejiklian said, “If Parramatta is to become the next vibrant city-district with ballooning land value, we can’t have its poorer residents awake on junk food or juicing on steroids late at night and disturbing the sleep of would-be property investors.”

A government spokesperson said that business owners had been thoroughly consulted.

“There were a lot of complaints in the feedback from the lockouts in Sydney that claimed the laws hurt the businesses of late night bars and restaurants. We didn’t think that was fair on those businesses so we’ve decided to eliminate the night economy altogether in the Parramatta district.”

When asked if these new lockouts will include the proposed Star-Meriton casino, the Premier said they will not, citing the need for recreational activities as part of any healthy work-life balance. “There is also significant educational value for our younger patrons who can learn about the value and transience of money. And if that’s not exciting enough for Parramatta’s youth, then very soon we’ll also have the Powerhouse Museum.”

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