USU Board Candidates 2019: Cady Brown

Honi's profile and full interview with 2019 USU Board Candidate Cady Brown


Political Economic and Social Sciences III

“Cady Can”.

Quiz Score: 28%

Interviewed by Baopu He and Alan Zheng

Candidate profile: 

Brown falls into the category of candidates who believe that if they say they are independent enough times, it may just come true. She has been involved in the Liberal party for one year, and has campaigned for comparable ‘Libdependent’ campaigns, such as Lachlan Finch’s USU board run in 2018. This is problematic considering the duty regulations of the USU expressly require Directors to campaign against VSU – the very thing that the LNP abolished, and something Brown was unable to note in Honi’s quiz. None of this is an issue for Brown, who asserts her “student experience” and “professional life” will be kept separate (though it’s hard to see how directing a multi-million dollar corporation can be severed from one’s professional life).

Brown advances some lofty policy ideas, seeing the renovation of the Wentworth building as beneficial, all the while being aware of its expected demolition within the next 18 months. As to the namesake of the building being that of someone who described First Nations people as ‘orangutans’, Brown tells Honi that “if people are being activists against the existence of the name Wentworth, the USU should consider both sides.” She does express genuine concern for the nascent C&S funding model, and boasts some run-of-the mill eco-friendly policy items. Although, international students are all but ignored in Brown’s platform.

Unfortunately for this campus minority, she says that “[she] finds it very hard to empathise when [she’s] not in their position.” On the other hand, Brown, with her score of 28 per cent on the quiz, is an ideal candidate for college students, for whom she promises to increase the visibility of the USU.