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Ethnic parent regrets forcing kid to study medicine now

Min Hong realised the medicine was one of the "good degrees", but didn't realise it could be dangerous.

In a shocking twist of events, first generation migrant and local ethnic parent Min Hong expressed her regret at forcing her son David to study medicine.

After pleading with her son for him to stay home instead of going to the hospital he is interning at, which has been at the centre of the Coronavirus outbreak, Hong told The Rodent that she never thought being a doctor would be so dangerous.

“I always told my son that he should have studied law or engineering or even commerce but he never listened to me. And now because of his bad decision, I can’t even sleep at night.”

David contradicted his mother’s claims, stating that he never wanted to study medicine, but was guilt-tripped into it after his mum told him she “wouldn’t be able to sleep at night” if he didn’t. 

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