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USU to close down most campus outlets, stand down staff

The impacts of COVID-19 have been cited as the primary cause.

From Monday 6 April, the University of Sydney Union (USU) will close down all but three of its outlets on campus and, as a result, stand down a number of staff employed by these outlets. 

In a statement sent to USU employees this afternoon, CEO Alexis Roitman cited the stoppage of work, lack of population on campus and other related impacts of the COVID-19 crisis as the primary causes. 

The USU is intending to release this information to the media tomorrow, in addition to conducting an exclusive interview with USU President Connor Wherrett in Pulp magazine this afternoon. As of publication, however, this interview has not yet been published.

Roitman further added that the USU is currently looking into the possibility of applying for the recently announced JobKeeper Subsidy for those stood down, though it is unclear at this point whether or not the USU will be eligible, or which employees will receive the payment.

“Closing almost all USU outlets on campus is not a decision the USU has taken lightly. We are proud of our long history of serving students and the University community and we look forward to resuming operations just as soon as we can,” commented USU President Connor Wherrett, in the forthcoming press release.

The only three outlets to remain open from Monday are the Footbridge Station in the Holme Building, Snack Express in the Wentworth Food Court and the USYD Store in JFR, which will operate on a takeaway basis only.

However, the USU is encouraging retail tenants in Manning and Wentworth buildings to stay open for the benefit of those still remaining on campus.

More to come.

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