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Science Road renamed to Arts Road in latest attack on STEM

Appeals to the University Senate are already being lodged.

Following a University Senate meeting, it was announced that much beloved Science Road would be renamed to Arts Road. 

“We believe that not a whole lot of science takes place on the road, and the name should reflect that.”

This is the latest in a number of attacks on STEM at the University, with the word sciences being removed from the Social Sciences Building and both the Physics and Chemistry Buildings being renamed to just Buildings.

A coalition of STEM societies including the Science Society, Engineering Undergraduates Society, and Biochemistry Society released a scathing response to the shock announcement.

“The academic sciences are being erased from campus! We must stop the good name of STEM from being expunged from campus all together!”

As Arts students celebrate in droves, we must all spare a thought for the Science Road Cottage, whose fate is entirely unknown.

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