Breaking: Maia Edge Exits USU Board Race

Seven candidates remain in the race.

Moderate Liberal Maia Edge has withdrawn from the 2022 USU Board Elections, citing “personal reasons”. 

The withdrawal leaves seven candidates in the race, with five available positions on the Board after STEM candidate Jayfel Tulabing also withdrew their nomination a fortnight ago. The remaining candidates are Nicholas Dower (Colleges), Onor Nottle (Switch), K Phillips (Independent), Alexander Poirier (Unity), Madhullikaa Singh (Switch), Naz Sharifi (Independent) and Aydin Varol (ex-Switch, Independent).

Two of the five elected Board Directors must identify as non cis-men.

Edge is a prominent campus Liberal, with long-term involvement in Moderate Liberal election campaigns along with the Conservative Club and the Freedom Club. 

ModLib-aligned College candidate Nicholas Dower represents the only clearly Liberal candidate contesting the election, however Independent K Philips is being managed by Liberal Michael Grenier.

Disclaimer: Ellie Stephenson is a former member of Switch.